Being the pioneers of the Magical 20 incher was just not enough for us so this time we went extreme! Experience now the Juiciest. Thickest. Cheesiest Pizza of all times! A carefully handcrafted design of artistic dough blend comes together perfectly with our cheesy secret sauce & mighty chicken chunks. We present to you the masterpiece that is Xtreme taking you to infinity & beyond.

inside 14th street pizza


Enjoy 14th Street's irresistible creation of Thin Crust, American styled base to make your pizza toppings taste extra savory. Try it today!


This addition to 14th Street's menu is made with our hand-tossed dough layered in custom meat (Beef Chunks or Crispy Chicken), melted cheddar, and fresh tomato wheels with iceberg lettuce topping infused in our signature sauce.


Have you tried a creation of pizza straight from the heaven? It starts with our moist chocolate brownie base and divine toppings of Nutella and M&Ms. Forget your old ways of having pizza and take a spin of sweetness!